Our Team

The Evergreen Theatre Team

Artistic Director: David O’Leary

Board Members

Chairman: Ron Baker

Vice Chairman: Alex Smith

Treasurer: Crawford Van Horne

Secretary: Susan Wedlock

Board Member: Melinda Burchill

Board Member: Sonya Tancock 

Board Member: Sacha Evans

Part-time Staff / Volunteers

Sound Technicians:

Vinny O’Reilly,

Jason Burns

Graphic Design: Ingrid van den Hurk

Photography: Ingeborg Verberkt NL

Programs: Tannis Szuszkiewicz

A word from the Artistic Director



David O’Leary.


Artistic Director is not a title that I usually employ, but it is one of my functions and it quite simply means choosing the acts that we present. This is quite a responsibility and not one that can be taken lightly when choosing twenty-plus acts a year.

I have always loved the arts, particularly music, which is what we mostly present at the Evergreen. As a programmer, I must often park my likes and dislikes at the door. I am programming to serve you, rather than my choices, which I admit can be rather eclectic. Philip Glass operas with a side of throat-singing anyone? But this doesn’t mean that the envelope doesn’t get stretched at times.

To be an artist in any form is to be a communicator; artists have a story to tell, a view to be considered. It is not always a comfortable exchange but hopefully an enlightening one. I follow this line of thought by offering the widest possible range of musical voices. Ranging from the aforementioned throat-singers (from Russia) to Nova Scotia’s favourite rocker, Matt Minglewood.

The Evergreen particularly favours Nova Scotian/Atlantic performers but artists from the rest of Canada and beyond often appear on our stage.

Rose Cousins, Dave Gunning, the late Laura Smith and the late Ron Hines, all well known artists, are/ were frequent visitors.

As artistic director I also love to present exceptional emerging and lesser-known artists. There is never a concern that these acts are not a great source of box office funds. After all, the Evergreen Theatre is a non-profit society and is still going strong after 23 years.

I invite you to come see and hear for yourself!


David O’Leary