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Great News >We are….. almost done!

We’re done! Well … almost

The last details, painting, plumbing hook-up, etc are taking a bit of time. But we now know the final price tag. It is more than we budgeted for (but on a positive note, less than we feared.) The full financials (the boring stuff) for the project are overleaf if you are interested.
But (we know that you were waiting for this “but”) we are running somewhat short of cash. For those who have supported us financially so far we say a resounding thank you, and do not expect you to dig any deeper (but were you to do so we would accept it gratefully). But there are perhaps others who have been holding back and we would now ask for your support. We have a short term line of credit in place to enable to finish up and pay the final bills but it is not something that we can afford to keep in place, as we run a pretty tight breakeven ship at the Evergreen.

Here is where you come in.

We have pretty well tapped out Government sources of funds for now (Thank you Canada 150/ACOA, Nova Scotia and Annapolis County). We will be calling on a few businesses and local institutions who have yet to support us. But we are hopeful that our friends and patrons in the community will also step up, especially those who have managed to resist our funding pleas so far.

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Addition Evergreen Theatre

Yes, I’m making a donation to the Evergreen Theatre, so they can finish the addition that will be enjoyed by friends and family! ( you may fill in the amount at your discretion in the PayPal screen. Donate either through your PayPal account or with your credit card. Optional is a recurring amount per month.)
Our mailing address for cheques is :
1650 Stronach Mtn Rd Forest Glade NS B0S 1N0
Our email for interact transfers is: evergreentheatre@gmail.com

All donations are tax-deductible

Thank You.

The Evergreen Renovation Financials

By December 2016 we had spent $61,455 in cash on the project and received in-kind services worth another $19,420. This covered the septic system, architectural and engineering fees, legal and surveying, site acquisition and research.
We began construction in Spring 2017 with a budget of $200,000 more to be spent on the actual building. These funds were in place from a combination of grants from three levels of government and private donations.
We have recently done the final math as we near the end of the project and expect the final bill to completion to be approximately $230,000.
We do have a temporary line of credit in place to cover the $30,000 shortfall, but carrying on our usual operations with that kind of debt is not practical in our situation.