Our Business, Corporate and Foundation Donors

Royal Bank
Investors (Craig O’Donnell)
Middleton Rotary
Parsons Family (Midvalley Construction and Frasers)
Peter Henry Architects
JW Murphy Foundation
Black Foundation
John and Judy Bragg Family Foundation

Small Business & Individual Supporters

Paul /Peggy Gregory
Susan/ Crawford Van Horne
Ken/Pat Banks
Stephanie Nicoletti
North Mountain Tax Services
Aaron Stronach
Print Wright Bridgetown
Marketing AV Melvern Sq.
Emilie Gould


Paul McGuire
Donna and Mark Allan
Derek De Wolfe
Lloyd Graham
Al Macfarlane
Chris Parker
Charles Frew
Susan Wedlock
Ingrid Van Den Hurk


Paul Aucoin
Ron/Sharon Baker
Phyllis Bennett
Joan Byrne
Gerrie Creemers
Barb Filippi
Kim Fiske
Ron/Betty Fraser
Linda Grosso
Marnie Hazelwood
Michael Hilbourn
Bronwen/Tom Keddie
Lee McLair
Jim Lehman
Eva Lohmann
Maureen MacLean
Barb Madic
John Montgomery
Janet Parker
Ian Patrick
John Pierce
Jim/Diane Price
Jim Rex
Janet Richter
Peter/Beth Robinson
Arnie/Mylta Ross
Tannis Szuszkiewicz
Ed Vaughan
C Ross Wheaton
Howard Wightman
Kandy/Mike Zeidenburg
John/Susan Zimms


We are so grateful to have had such a great response to our four years of fundraising to raise the necessary dollars to complete our brave new addition. Donors’ names are below should you be interested in seeing who supports us.

But we are not through yet, nor will we ever be. Most of you probably know that the arts in Canada (and the rest of the world) are never self sustaining. We are fortunate in Canada to have ongoing help from various governments and from many corporations, foundations and individuals. But it is never quite enough and we always have to keep the fundraising pressure on.

At present we still are carrying $20,000 or so of debt from our addition. To put that into context the addition’s real price tag over four years was over $300,000, so we are not really complaining. But having that constant overdraft to carry in our very break-even tight ship operation is somewhat wearing. And it holds us back from taking on other initiatives from our wish list.

Toonie Draw

So when the toonie draw tickets come by (we always raise $3000 a year with that somewhat twisted 50/50), be generous. And when you are feeling extra big hearted you can donate below. We are a registered charity and will issue an almost instant tax receipt for donations.

Reno Evergreen Theatre 2017 floor plan

Are you in?

All donations large and small are appreciated. Evergreen Theatre (Fundy Folk Association) is a registered charitable organization and tax deductible receipts are available for all donations.

Donate to Evergreen Theatre!

You are invited to seek additional information or discuss any money-raising ideas that you may have with our manager, David O’Leary, at evergreentheatre@gmail.com or 902-825-6834.

The button below will open the Paypal website were you can choose your amount and credit card etc.