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The Evergreen Community Project

This project has been designed to remove accessibility barriers, to enhance the theatre experience and to expand the types of activities and programs that we offer.

The auditorium (performance space) will be essentially unchanged except for revised entrances/exits and the addition of a few extra seats gained from relocation of the canteen and box office.

Reno Evergreen Theatre 2017 floor plan

The new addition will consist of

  • a new entrance opening to a spacious lobby / all purpose space.
  • a small secondary stage at the edge of the lobby.
  • A café/bar which will extend out to a deck in fair weather
  • 4 bathrooms including an accessible one
  • a dressing room/waiting space with attached bathroom for the artists

Notes on the Design

We have been asked about the undeniable modern aspect of our new addition.

Peter Henry, a well known Halifax architect, is responsible for the modernistic design of the future addition. We at the Evergreen feel that this design mirrors the recent history of our theatre. Fifteen years ago we rescued a long-serving community building at the end of its life as a religious institution from an uncertain fate. It was reinvented it as a very different entity which nevertheless reflects some aspects of its former existence. The performing arts as we present them are meant to entertain, but we feel that this is not all that is offered. At their heart many professional performances, particularly theatrical and singer songwriter presentations, are imbued with humanistic values which in spirit are not that far from religious ones. And many of these shows are ground-breakingly modern, bringing attitudes, artistic expressions and musical forms never before seen or heard in our community. With this in mind we felt that the major changes that the Evergreen has brought to its corner of the world should be reflected in the modern look of the new addition.

While some perceive a lack of harmony between sections of the planned building, we feel that this is a desired effect, highlighting a confluence of old and new, an illustration of what we were and what we have become. We above all feel that we are building for a new generation. Our rural communities are at a crossroads nowadays–we live in a beautiful area with much to offer in terms of opportunities and desirable lifestyles once we solve our population issues. Having a facility like the Evergreen surely adds to the attraction of our extended community to prospective new residents. We see the Evergreen as being one small part of a rural regeneration in Canada that is now a hot topic both provincially and nationally.

Visit the chuffed and see how you can help us make this transition happen.


Thank you for your support.

David and the Evergreen team.